Watches for Men: Panerai Held the “Nautical Entrepreneurs Night” in Shenzhen China

replica watches for men
replica watches for men

On October 26, 2014 in Shenzhen, China, the Italian Advanced watch making brand Panerai which has a deep historical origin held a special dinner in Shenzhen Donghai Langting hotel when it came at a time when the eighth China cup yachting race event, and people who presented the dinner including the Panerai brand VIP, the elites in the fields of navigation, as well as the important cooperation media friends; nearly a hundred of friends got together there to spend a wonderful “nautical entrepreneurs night” with Panerai.

The EILEAN sailing boat made in 1936, is one of the most beautiful sailing boats designed by the Scotland’s shipbuilding wizards William Fife III. This sailing boat was damaged seriously afterwards because of an accident, and Panerai purchased and repaired it again to make it renew sending its light, and this sailing boat had participated a lot of important events on behalf of the Panerai brand, so the exhibition hall specially engraved the EILEAN mark this time.

Dinner was held in 24th floor hall of the Langting hotel, and the site layout was full of many precious pictures of Eilean and Panerai classical sailing boats challenging competition. On the scene it lively showed the Panerai professional sailing watch (PAM00245) and many special edition professional diving watches and timing watches, including the Luminor 1950 Regatta 3 Days ChronoFlyback Titanio PAM00526 with unique sailing competition countdown function, to let guests fully experience the brand unique charm of perfectly combining the Italian design and Swiss watchmaker craft.

Panerai PAM00245 professional sailing boat watch has been certified by Swiss government observatory (C.O.S.C.). Panerai marine chronometer is installed in a solid teak box (width and length of 195 mm *170 mm), and outside the box there was velvet stainless steel handle with polishing edge, which was very easy to handle. The chain of it still retained traditional spirit, which is dealt with key manual winding.

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Swiss Watches: What Will You Choose From IWC And Panerai Watches?

replica panerai watches
replica panerai watches

This year is the year of IWC Chronograph watches. In recent years, IWC hold many events as a way of promotion and made achievements, but compared to other brands, it has less classic watches, and all those classic watches are quite popular, for example, the Pilot ‘’ The Little Prince’’, after it arrived stores, were sold out quickly. Recently, IWC once again had three new Ingenieur Watches and let’s have a quick look at them.

The extraordinary techniques and skills from IWC not only symbols IWC’s excellent and authentic techniques, it also reflects IWC’s stickiness to its screed. Watches assembling in the IWC workshop, is both precise and have wonderful design. As the engineer in the watch industry, IWC produce the case itself and will pass down the traditional processing techniques and skills generation by generation. Definitely, we would have a grand visual feast in coming days.

For the Panerai replicas, the three Radiomir 10 Days GMT limited edition replica watches are equipped with the waterproof function with the depth to 50 meters, and matched with the crocodile leather strap, whose color is suitable with the metallic color of these three replica Panerai watches the same as the color of the watch dial; Panerai Radiomir 10 Days GMT Platino 45 mm PAM00495 is matched with the black watch dial and brown strap, whose Super-LumiNova® luminous coating of the watch dial is specially matched with the light brown color to make the whole color of this replica Panerai watch is in harmony; replica Radiomir 10 Days GMT Oro Bianco 45 mm PAM00496 watch is matched with the black watch dial and black watch strap; Radiomir 10 Days GMT Oro Rosso 45mm PAM00497 however adopts the brown dial and light brown Super – LumiNova ® luminous coating and the deep brown watch strap. Or you can also check replica tag heuer grand carrera for more choices.

Swiss Watches Reviews on Panerai Radiomir Collection

replica panerai
replica panerai

Panerai has been the watch maker in the industry to produce watches out of inspiration and love for the art of manufacture of watches. Today it stands to be the top choice for any watch lover or artefact collector. The unique designs, precision and accuracy make the watch series from Panerai to be the best. From its inception the Panerai has been manufacturing marvellous designs of the watches. They have made some unique and special partnerships with others to produce antique watch series.

The line-up of the company and the rich history of the watch company amaze the user. The commitment to produce the best technical solution to the watch problems can be seen through the research and development wing of the company.

The Swiss watch and chronograph company, Panerai is known for its outstanding collection of designer men’s watches. In the past few years, Panerai has reached the heights of popularity in the watch market, with its superior quality products and bold designs. Among all of Panerai’s most popular products, is the Panerai Radiomir collection. This alluring product has a number of awards and positive reviews under its name, and with every new addition to this line, the amount of shoppers in its corner has kept on increasing.

Panerai has evolved as a company manufacturing the best watches with great designs and unique features. In the period of 1936 to 1993 the total number of watches that have been manufactured by the company is just 300. But now they have extended their services and manufacturing units and are manufacturing more than 35,000 watches a year. This shows the commitment of the company to provide its customer the best products like the Radiomir. The different models in the Radiomir series have acclaimed luxury status and stick most of the celebrities hands.

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Rolex Sea Dweller 4000 Watch Review

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fake rolex for sale

At 1988 Rolex Sea Dweller wrist watch was a leading global ocean engineering standard equipment, also was the only completely reliable wrist watch of this company to make the professional divers can saturation diving in the deep sea. In fact, the precise time control is very important to all stages of diving, but Rolex Sea Dweller watches also successfully completed one thousand times diving tasks in extreme situations. This wrist watch is equipped with Rolex patent helium valve to accompany divers conquering deep sea. Rolex now is launching the latest version of this wrist, at the same time of innovative technology, it also retains the original wrist watch’s classic aesthetic characteristics.

Sea Dweller appeared in 1967 with the waterproof as deep as 610 meters (2000 feet), and then increased to 1220 meters (4000 feet) in 1978, which is especially designed for submarine personnel and hydrosphere explorer pioneers such as scuba diving to shuttle back and forth in the waters of covering nearly 70% of the earth’s surface. And the sea dweller watches also must adapt to mixed gas the same as divers , and the gas is designed for high pressure environment, which is composed of the lightweight gas such as helium or hydrogen for breathing. In order to release the gas safety condition and avoid decompression of the deadly disease, before brewing water, divers must stress for a long time, and watches must be through the same process. Have seen this situation, the Rolex added patent research and development of the important device ─ helium valve into the sea dweller watches in 1967. The assemble in the case of safety valve design is clever, and plays an important role in the increasingly popular scuba diving activity.

Henri Germain Delauze – the pioneer of the deep sea diving once said “For divers breathe hydrogen, Rolex watches is indispensable.” And the Rolex Sea Dweller 4000 Replica is your great choice! Or you can also consider the rolex replica submariner.

Rolex watches: Reviews on the new generation perpetual 2236 movement

Replica Rolex Datejust
Replica Rolex Datejust

The latest Lady-Datejust used 2236 automatic winding mechanical movement which was developed exclusively by Rolex.The patented Syloxi silicon hairspring was developed by Rolex and it introduced of high level meter performance for the ladies’ watch.After installed the watch case,Rolex will test again for the Gold Certified Swiss chronometer precision timepiece (COSC),and after assembly, Rolex will do a ultimate precision detection by specialized research method and high-tech equipment.Lady-Datejust the oyster watch case is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters (330 feet),it is a model of strong and elegant and perfect proportion. The unique shapes in the middle of the case is made of original piece of solid 950 platinum or 18 CT gold.

Oyster watch case

Lady-Datejust watch case is waterproof to the depth of 100 meter(330 feet).It is an example of strong elegant and perfect proportion.The unique shape middle case was made of original piece of solid 950 platinum or 18 CT gold.Triangular pit bottom cover was tighten with the brand exclusive special tools to make the watch case completely sealed,it can be opened only Rolex watchmaker. The crown used double buckle lock double waterproofing system, firmly screwed on the case.The mirror was made of blue crystal and it is not easy to scratch.There is a small window convex lens in the 3 o’clock position for easy to read calendar. The Lady-Datejust waterproof oyster case give best protection to the highs precise movement.

Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust 28 watch, types of 279166 – 83346950,950 platinum oyster case (the original piece of metal casting middle watchcase, spin bottom watch crown), the diameter of 28 mm, the silver and the light effect of the sun surface.9 18 CT White Gold Diamond Star hour mark, 18CT white gold IX hour mark,entral hour second hand,instantaneous calendar in 3 o’clock position,Rolex 2236 automatic movement, superlative chronometer:The Swiss Observatory certification (COSC) &Rolex Observatory chronometer testing,The geometric structure of Syloxi silicon hairspring,power reserve of about 55 hours, anti scratch sapphire crystal mirror,Double anti reflective window convex lens enlarges calendar, waterproof 100 meters, head type three lattice solid band link, 18 CT Eternal Rose Gold, polished intermediate link, matte link on both sides , polished edge, embedded ceramic quality components.

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Rolex Watches: The Guarantee of Accuracy

diamond rolex replica
diamond rolex replica

Consumers have discerning eyes. The reason why Rolex recruit many people love certainly makes sense, for example, rugged, oyster structure; for example, hedging. Until today, although Rolex is known as the strongest brand value, but in the real second market, the most valuable Rolex is Rolex Datejust series and submariner series, they are the most representative of the Rolex spirit.  Especially the steel section of the submariner, if keep good, it will not almost fall in price. Don’t forget, “rolex replica submariner” is almost unlimited. The bestselling is made of stainless steel, and almost have no functions that can be called complex configuration. This is Rolex’s confidence, hold on a simple goal consistently and persistently and achieve the ultimate, this is Rolex.

Rolex is going to improve the accuracy of the watches. If true, whether it is for Rolex, or the entire watchmaking industry, that is a good thing. Rolex is going to improve the accuracy standard of Rolex watches, and require the daily standard deviation range of 2 seconds in a day. (Note: this standard is clearly aimed at the mechanical movement, compare with quartz movement, electron movement is meaningless). It is required to control the daily travel time error below at 0.0023%, to tell the truth, if you want to achieve the standard deviation steadily, it is indeed very difficult.

It is reported that Rolex first improve product standards is 2015 launched 40 mm diameter 3255 new movement flagship Daikin labor Day-Date series, today is said to be introduced to all products. May be some friends have no feelings of improving the standard of data. Here you cannot fail to mention the two high standard system on movement accuracy of authentication, one is Swiss Observatory certification standard (COSC), and the other is Patek Philippe certification standard. Thus, Rolex is a synonymous of stability and precision. Anyway, we are looking forward to Rolex’s progress, every time I hear this is excited.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on Two Entry-level Watches

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replica rolex

How can you be attractive when you wearing a watch? You know, a lot of people are not so sensitive and understanding about watches except for senior watch lovers. Therefore, if your reasons for buying a watch is for manifesting yourself and getting more attention, the watches with high popularity and identification are your good choices. When it comes to high popularity and identification, Rolex absolutely meets the requirement. Today, we are going to recommend two entry-level watches for you.

Logines L2.821.4.76.2

Watch diameter: 40mm

Movement: automatic mechanism

Watch case material” stainless steel

Waterproof: daily waterproof

Comments of the watch: although May 2th is a day for making a profession of love, it is not just suitable for making profession. If we have come a little closer, so, why don’t we let go of all the trivial things in our lives and look for the romance and beauty of “if time could stop at the moment when we first met”? From falling in love with somebody to getting married with somebody, sometimes it is only a step away. When he handed you a present, then you opened your gift box, I believe you must be very excited for such a watch. Logines L2.821.4.76.2 is the latest product this year. Its elegant design is exciting. It is equipped with the L888.4 automatic movement and silicon hairspring. The watch has been identified by COSC. It is one of the most scientific watches of Longines basic watches.

Rolex Air King Series 116900-71200 watch

Watch Series: Air King Series

Movement type: automatic mechanical movement

Case Material: 904L stainless steel

Strap Material: 904L stainless steel

Case Diameter: 40mm

Watch Comments: This Air-king watch is the new watch that was launched by Rolex in the 2016 Basel Watch Fair, the new Air King watch case diameter is of 40 mm and it is made of 904L steel. The Black dial has rich personality, and at 3:00 o’clock and 6:00 o’clock and 9 o’clock position there marked large Arabic numerals, and the minutes time scales are marked prominently, so that it can be clearly read during the voyage.

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Rolex Watches: Reviews on the Air-king Watches

When it comes to Rolex‘s Air King watches, I believe that many Rolex fans can say a well-known story to this, this aerial watch series product in order to pay tribute to the pilot has disappeared in our sight line for many years, again now it returns back with the king’s posture. This time the size of the new air king watch compared to the previous series has increased to 40 mm, the movement uses the strong 3131 automatic winding movement which has the Rolex top Observatory certification, compared to the old Rolex Air King series watches, whether its design or performance, it has been significantly improved.

The new Air King watch has a 40 mm watch diameter, and it is made of 904L steel. The dial is black and rich in personality, at the 3 o’clock position, the 6 o’clock position and the 9 o’clock position, there are marked with large corresponding Arabic numerals, the minute scale is very conspicuous, so that the pilots can easily read the time clearly. On the watch dial there is the words of “Air-King”, the font used for the words are specially designed for the original watch in in the fifties of last century. The new air king watch perfectly shows the bondage relationship between the Rolex watches and the airline industry in thirties of the last century. Air King watch is carrying with a 904L steel solid chain oyster-style strap, and it is equipped with folding oyster buckle, and the watch buckle also installed the chain that is easy to adjust.

The reason why the new air king watch is so popular is because swiss replica rolex applies the golden watch crown and the green trademark together for the first time in this series, it catches a large number of attention, and it is the entry-level oyster watch, which will attract a lot of young customers who love Rolex watches.

Lang &amp Heyne Georg Watch

Lang & Heyne Georg Watch

Lang & Heyne Georg Watch Watch Releases

If the name Lang & Heyne is familiar to you, congratulations, you are a certified watch nerd. Based in Dresden, Germany, Lang & Heyne is a small watch company that produces only a handful of watches annually. Production is said to under 50 pieces a year, and that’s because they spend a lot of time working on their watches to make them beautiful. And when I say a lot, I do mean, a lot. For example, it takes 40 minutes to polish a single screw, which cost about 100 euros each. Consider the number of screws in a watch and you can imagine how long it takes for them to make a single watch. For 2017, Lang & Heyne is introducing a new watch called the Georg and it features a brand new rectangular movement that is absolutely gorgeous.

The name of the watch, Georg, comes from the 16th century Duke of Saxony. Saxony is the state in which Dresden is located. Dresden, in case you were wondering, is only about 20 miles north of Glashütte, arguably the center of German watchmaking.

Lang & Heyne Georg Watch Watch Releases

Lang & Heyne Georg Watch Watch Releases

The Lang & Heyne Georg comes in a 32mm-wide case that measures 40mm tall, and thickness is a very moderate 9.4mm. There will be three versions: platinum, white gold, and red gold. The case looks deceptively simple, but upon closer examination, you will see that it is actually quite angular. Also unique is the triple-lug design, which is a signature for the brand. Water resistance is a mere, but unsurprising 30 meters.

Lang & Heyne Georg Watch Watch Releases

All models will come with white enamel dials that feature Art Deco-style Arabic hour markers and a railroad minutes track. Along the railroad minutes track at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, you have small blue diamond markers. And at 6 o’clock, you have a fairly large subsidiary seconds dial, which is actually a separate piece of white enamel attached to the bottom of the main dial. Running along the lower periphery of the subsidiary seconds dial is the label “Made in Saxony.” The platinum and red gold models will both feature blued lancet-style hands, while the white gold model will come with rose gold lancet-style hands.

Lang & Heyne Georg Watch Watch Releases

The best part of the watch is the movement. Called the Caliber VIII, it is a brand-new movement that Lang & Heyne developed, and it is a work of art. In place of conventional bridges, you have stainless steel cocks that hold the gear train. This leaves the movement completely exposed, which in turns gives it a three-dimensional quality that is just mesmerizing.

Lang & Heyne Georg Watch Watch Releases

The large screwed balance wheel beats at a leisurely 2.5Hz and the single barrel offers a decent 55 hours of power reserve. Look closely at the balance wheel and you will see that there’s a small diamond used as the endstone for the balance staff. And as you would expect, the movement is hand-finished to very high standards and includes work like black and mirror polishes, beveling, brushing, and more. All in all, it is one of the prettiest movements I have ever seen.

Lang & Heyne Georg Watch Watch Releases

The new Lang & Heyne Georg is the epitome of understated luxury. Unless you are a bona fide watch nut, chances are you will never know or realize that the Lang & Heyne Georg is something special. It truly is simple on the outside, but complex on the inside. The dial is simple but legible, and the movement is unique in its construction and just wonderful to behold. I hope I have the chance to see the watch in the flesh at some point and marvel at its movement. The Lang & Heyne Georg is priced at €26,410 in 18k red gold, €27,830 in 18k white gold, and finally, €53,280 in platinum.

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